Trulie Silver Leather Sandal Taos Footwear
Trulie Silver Leather Sandal
Trulie Silver Leather Sandal

    Trulie Silver Leather Sandal

      • 100% Hand Weaved Leather
      • One of Taos Best Designs
      • Arch & Metatarsal Support
      • Helps Plantar fasciittis
      • Beautiful Colour Day or Eve Wear
      • Ajustable Straps
      • Low wedge
      • Custom Fit
      • Flexible
      • Walk All day
      • Sizes 37-42
      • Designed in Spain
      • Made in Spain

      Look at me: Because of the nature of my leather these are best to be sprayed with a leather protective spray.

      About the Designers:  Taos are all about comfort, style and every day wearing of good shoes on your feet, Plantar Fasciitis is a fancy word for serve heel pain and many ladies throughtout the world develop this painful experience in their heels, Taos have developed their shoes to help with this, many of the designs by taos will allow you to wear a sandal all day without pain with their built in arch support and ajustable straps for a custom feeling fit for you.