When did sneakers become so so popular or should we say the casual weekender so much choice and many options with colours to suit your style to make a statement for your lifestyle and everyday use your love the range at Mavis & Mick.

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Neo Laetitia White/Gold Leather Sneaker


Skechers Starry Steps Black Leather Sneaker


Neo Lindi White Leather Casual Leisure Boot


Minx Happy Chaps Taupe Metallic Suede Casual


Neo Lilibet White Leather Casual


Minx Happy Chaps Black & White Casual


Neo 2229 Olive Green Leather Sneaker


Neo 2229 Black Leather Sneaker


Le Sansa Noosa White & Silver Leather Sneaker


Le Sansa Quest Black Leather Casual Sneaker


Cabello EG17 Taupe Leather Casual Sneaker


Le Sansa Vivid Black & Silver Leather Casual Ankle Boot