In the last few years high top have grown in popularity are being worn world wide, variations can be from a built in heel that can't be seen but give you a lift inside majority of ladies have enjoyed the pleasure of this style, or the high top flat used to be called the baseball boot as its causal nature complements jeans, shorts and dresses so well what ever is your style their will be a high top for you your love a kick with a high top from Mavis & Mick.

High Sneakers (10)

Willot Red Spot Pony Leather High Sneakers


Willot Navy Fleck Leather High Sneakers


Willot Black Caviar Leather High Sneakers


OLW20-21 Latte High Sneakers


Shock Tan Leather High Top Sneaker


Shock Passion Leather High Top Sneaker


La Mer Taupe Leather Wedge Sneakers


Rainbow Leather High Sneakers


Cortez Leather High Sneakers