Comfort boots are ultimately designed for someone who is on their feet all they. They will give the style that you want and support your foot needs. Arch support, removable inners, bunions, plantar fasciitis, wide feet, all the reasons why comfort boots are important.

For boots with a kick you are in Mavis & Mick - online or in store.

Comfort Boots (27)

Polka Leather Ankle Boots


Vespa Non Leather Ankle Boot


Yip Black Leather Ankle Boots


Yip Bronze Leather Ankle Boots


Victoria Olive Leather Ankle Boots


C.REED Winter White Cropped V Knit


Willot Red Spot Pony Leather High Sneakers


Willot Navy Fleck Leather High Sneakers


Willot Black Caviar Leather High Sneakers