Flat Shoes are worn for style, comfort and choice. For flat shoes with a kick you are in Mavis & Mick - online or in store.

Flat Shoes (36)

Jose Saenz 2017 Grey & White Leather Casual Shoe


Minx Juliano White Milled Silver Chain Brogue


Laura ll Mint Leather Casual Sneaker


Rollie Slingback Black & Gold Leopard Pony Punch


Naples Black French Shoe


Minx Dom Dom White Leather Shoe


Meditation Medallion Rock Crown Black Thong


Neo AG-21540 Skin Leather Low Brogue Shoe


Neo AG-21540 Black Leather Low Brogue Shoe


Alfie & Evie Queens Blush Leather Brogue


Alfie & Evie Quaint Black & Gold Leather Brogue Shoe


Le Sansa Quest Black Leather Casual Sneaker