Annah Stretton Peony Print Shower Cap
Annah Stretton Peony Print Shower Cap
Annah Stretton Peony Print Shower Cap
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    Annah Stretton Peony Print Shower Cap


      Annah Stretton Shower Cap,  is a fun way to brighten up and bring luxury to your shower. With a stunning white peony design, this shower cap will protect your hair in a stylish way.

      • Fabrication 100% Polyester
      • Look Beautiful In The Shower
      • Keep The Hairdoo Dry
      • Great Shower Cap
      • Elastic Frill Edge
      • One Size
      • Designed By Annah Stretton
      • Made in China

      About the designer: New Zealand fashion designer Annah Stretton has had a amazing time growing her business and her brand and has grown so strong and loved by many women today.

      It started with a dare.  To prove to my father that it was easier to move from a right brain to a left brain career, I embarked on an accountancy degree.  To help apply all the theory, I also started working for an accountancy firm who just happened to have a fashion client.  That connection was to become the beginning of my fashion career and the end of my accountancy career.

      My fashion business officially kicked off on 14th April 1992.  At the time I was 30 years of age, married to a Waikato-based dairy farmer, with two small children.  Not exactly the scenario you would expect from a fashion designer!  However, what I lacked in the ‘glamour stake